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Williamson County DUI Court offers treatment, supervision, and support for offenders who have been charged with a second or third DUI (or a 4th on a case-by-case basis), or DUI probation violation (on a case-by-case basis). DUI Court serves as a constructive alternative for offenders with alcohol and drug abuse problems. DUI Court has a graduated structure and follows specific guiding principles. The program begins with jail time and intensive probation. Williamson County DUI Court is a team concept involving the Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender & Defense Bar, DUI Court Coordinator, DUI Court Case Manager, Probation Officer, Law Enforcement, an Evaluator, and a Treatment Provider who all evaluate the individual’s progress at a weekly staff meeting.

Eligibility Requirements

•no history of violent offenses
•primary diagnosis of alcohol abuse or dependency
•Alcohol related probation violations
•2nd or 3rd DUI offense (or potentially 4th)
•patient agrees to participation
•enrollment must be supported by Judge, District Attorney, and Defense  Counsel
•no criminal charges from another jurisdiction
•must not be mentally ill or suicidal
•current charge can not include DUI-related death or serious injury

Application for DUI Court
Application for the DUI Court may be made at any time after a multiple DUI arrest. To be considered, the individual or attorney may contact the DA's office for initial eligibility.  From there, the Court Coordinator will schedule an appointment with the candidate, the Treatment Provider, and Probation Supervisor for alcohol/drug assessment and Program review and application.  

Goals of the DUI Court Program

•to save the lives of troubled individuals and to
 insure the safety of the community
•to decrease the number of alcohol-related crashes,
 DUI arrests, and repeat offenses
•to increase the opportunity for alcohol/drug
 treatment, offering freedom from addiction
•to allow courts to participate in restorative justice
•to provide hope for a different way of life, preventing
 generational alcoholism
•to bring awareness in the community about addiction
•to lighten the burden on courts & the correction
Honorable Denise Andre

Honorable Denise Andre

Presiding Judge

M. James Pulido

District Attorney's Office

Scott Pieper

DUI Court Coordinator


 129 W. Fowlkes Street
 Room 117 & 118
Franklin, TN 37064

more info (615)-595-1286 or www.duicourtfoundation.org

The DUI Court is supported through a Federal grant awarded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and private donations through the DUI Court Foundation."
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