Supplemental Term Life

Supplemental term life insurance, administered by
. covers your and your entire family at very competitive rates.

Guarantee issue is available as long as you enroll within 60 days of your date of hire.

Note: Please refer to the plan documents or brochures for all plan limitations and exclusions.

If you are enrolling or increasing Supplemental Life Insurance at open enrollment or due to a qualifying event, you must complete the  Evidence of Insurability Form  and returning it to the Williamson County Benefits Department.

The application for coverage must also be completed for the type coverage you are applying:
Employees can elect additional life coverage by completing the appropriate application. Life Insurance – Supplemental Employee Coverage If you are electing coverage for yourself, you may also elect coverage for your dependents by completing the appropriate application. Life Insurance – Supplemental Dependent Coverage

Change Of Beneficiary
If you need to change your beneficiary at anytime during the year you may do so by completing the attached Beneficiary Form and returning it to the Williamson County Benefits Department.